5 Mistakes to avoid when planning a baby shower

5 mistakes to avoid when planning a baby shower

Planning a baby shower can be a daunting experience and a juggling act to ensure that the guests are entertained, the mummy to be feels special and the event runs smoothly.

Below is a list of the top 5 things I learnt when planning my first baby shower along with our top tips. 

Country house hotel

1)  Not visiting the venue beforehand 

My first baby shower hosting experience was an afternoon tea for my best friend at a gorgeous country house hotel. At the time I was living in London, so didn't have a chance to go and visit the venue prior to the event. When I arrived to set up, the private room had gone through a major refurbishment and the hosting area was a lot larger than I had anticipated. It would have been useful to have more decorations including bunting, a banner and some more balloons to better decorate the area.


If hosting a baby shower at a venue, make sure you check out the venue first to see if it has everything you need such as a private room, enough tables and seating and adequate facilities so there are no surprises on the day.

If hosting at someone's house, ensure that there is enough space for all guest and adequate seating, rather than trying to borrow additional chairs last minute.

baby shower afternoon tea

2)  Adequate tables for gifts and the cake

As I hadn't visited the venue prior to the event, I was concerned whether there would be enough spare tables available for flowers, the cake and all the cards and gifts. Luckily there was a few dotted around the room that we could use on the day.
Check with the venue before booking that there will be additional tables that you can use, along with any additional items you may need such as vases, audio equipment and table linens.
When hosting a baby shower at home, it is useful to designate an area for a cake and any gifts to maximise space.

baby shower celebration afternoon tea

3) Not arriving early enough to set up 

Setting up decorations and also preparing food (if hosting at home) will take longer than you anticipate. I had help from friends to set everything up but I naively thought I could get everything ready in half an hour and I should have allowed more time. 


Whether you are hosting at home or at a venue,  try to arrive at least one and half hours before the event to give you plenty of time to get ready. Whether it's confirming the menu with the staff, laying out all the food, a last minute tidy up or trying to get the audio to sync, time will fly by before you know it. Make sure the last item on the to-do list is inflating the confetti balloons, as they have a shorter float time than normal balloons.

Ask the mum to be to arrive after the start time to ensure that everyone is there ready to greet her. 

Baby Shower in a Box including decorations and Games by Bonjour Baby Showers

4) Sourcing key items in enough time 

One of the last items on my to-do list was purchasing helium for the confetti balloons. Unfortunately I left it too late and due to an influx of snow, no-one could deliver it in time for the event. Luckily a local flower shop had enough helium to blow up all of the balloons but it is something I wish I had thought about earlier
If possible, start planning the baby shower a couple of months before the event including confirming the venue and guest list. Try to gather everything you need at least a week before the baby shower and if hosting at home, make sure to get all the ingredients for the menu ahead of time.
Our Baby Shower in a Box is despatched same day (if you order before 1pm) via Royal Mail 1st class post, so there is no need to worry about it not arriving in time for the event.
baby shower table close up

5) Not having a seating plan

I wish I had pulled together a seating plan. With two large tables and guests from different friendship groups, it would have made life easier to have signposted where everyone should be sitting.
If hosting a baby shower at a venue, pull together a quick seating plan/ name tags, so everyone knows where to sit. Arrange for the mum to be at the head of the table or in-between tables (if there is more than one table) , so everyone can see and easily speak to the guest of honour. 
Remember that with every order you will receive a FREE baby shower planning checklist PDF for hosting at home or at a venue.
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