Baby Shower Invitations Tips

baby shower invitation tips
One of the first steps, when organising a baby shower, is deciding on a date and time that suits the mummy to be and sending out the invitations.
Whilst printed personalised invitations help to mark this momentous occasion, there are plenty of other options if you are planning a more informal gathering.
Baby Shower invitation top tips
Make sure to include the following information on your baby shower invitations:
  1. The name of the mum to be 
  2. The date, location and start and finish time of the celebration
  3. The invitee (including partners if it is a co-ed shower)
  4. Whether food will be served and in what capacity - such as canapés or a full meal. 
  5. The formality of the celebration (fancy, casual).
  6. RSVP and the deadline.
  7. An indication of the gender of the baby (if known).
  8. Request for any dietary requirements and allergies
  9. Any additional information - such as whether the baby shower is a surprise and any requests for guests, such as bringing along a dish if hosting at home.
  10. Any gift information. Whilst Baby Registers are common place in America, there are UK alternatives such as Little Wishlist, where the mum to be can collate any items she would like or needs.  Check out our baby shower gift guide, for all budgets, for some fantastic ideas to add to the wishlist. 
To be on the safe side, try to send out the baby shower invitations four weeks before the event date to allow you time to gather RSVP's and plan accordingly. 

Baby Shower invitations foil


If you are hosting a more formal baby shower, a printed invitation is a fantastic way to invite your guests and helps set the tone for the celebration. These can be personalised with the mum to be's name, photo's, baby confetti or select a foiled design or wax seal for added glamour.
See below our top picks for stunning and elegant printed baby shower invitations.

Hello Little One Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Shower invitations - optimal print

 Eucalyptus Baby Shower Invitation from £1.20


Papier Baby Shower invitation

Personalised Photo Baby Shower Invitation from £19.00 for 10



There are a number of ways to still have personalised baby shower invitations without the effort and cost. 
Paperless post have a range of beautiful designs that can be customised and sent to your guests via email for free or a minimal cost. They have some beautiful and elegant designs including the below options. 

Paperless post greenery baby shower invitation

Paperless post watercolour baby shower invitation

Nursery themed baby shower invitation

For a more personal touch, you can easily make your own invitations with white or kraft paper and decorate them with confetti, balloons and wax seals. 



 Whilst gorgeous baby shower invitations add a special touch, a whatsapp group chat is a great way to communicate with all guests and track RSVP's  – just make sure to not include the mummy to be in the group, so you don’t spoil any surprises.

If you are short of time and are hosting an informal gathering to celebrate the expectant mum, a Facebook event is a quick and free way to ensure that everyone is invited without the need to collate everyones' addresses.