How to have a Virtual Baby Shower

How to plan a virtual baby shower

A VIRTUAL baby shower is a fantastic option during this uncertain time, to bring all your loved ones together digitally and celebrate this exciting milestone in the expectant mum's life.  We know that many pregnant women are finding this an emotionally challenging and anxious time and a virtual baby shower can help the mum to be feel loved and supported during this difficult period.  

To avoid it feeling like a normal catch up call with friends, it is important to make the virtual celebration feel as unique as possible so that the mum to be feels special. Check out our top tips below on how to host a virtual baby shower.

Virtual Baby Shower

Guest List and Invitations

Compile a guest list for the virtual baby shower and select a time and date that works for everyone. A Saturday is a great option for a celebration, as none of the guests will be preoccupied with work and will have plenty of time to enjoy the virtual party. 

There are lots of different platforms to choose from for the video call and each of them have different limits on the number of participants. 

  • House party: 8 guests maximum
  • Whatsapp: 16 guests maximum
  • Facetime: 32 guests maximum (IOS only)
  • Skype: 50 guests maximum 
  • Zoom: 100 guests maximum on free plan for 40 minutes

An e-invitation is a great way to invite your guests to this virtual party and to acknowledge this special event. There are lots of great options available to help you create personalised e-invitations for the baby shower, just make sure to include all the key information on how to access the call and any items they may need to have on hand such as paper and pens for games etc.  

  1. Paperless Post  has some great templates that can be emailed to all guests at a minimal cost. 
  2. Canva's free editing platform is a great option to create personalised e-invitations with photos of the mum to be that can be sent via text, whatsapp or email. 
  3. Etsy has some great e-invitations for a virtual baby shower that can be instantly downloaded and customised. 
  4. Finally a Facebook event can be a great way to invite a large number of guests and let them know all the key information.
Baby Shower in a Box including decorations and Games by Bonjour Baby Showers

Baby Shower Decorations 

As seen on ITV This Morning, our  Baby Shower in a Box is a perfect gift package to send the mum to be ahead of the virtual baby shower to make her feel as special as possible. The mum to be will love the decorations and it will help the virtual event feel unique and as close to the real event as possible, so she doesn't feel as if she is missing out. 

Baby Shower games are one of the highlights of the celebration. Our fun games including Baby Prediction Cards are a great way to entertain your guests at the virtual party, everyone will love guessing all of the special features of the eagerly awaited bundle of joy. Keep them safe until the big day, so you can see how close the predictions came to the reality of the gorgeous new arrival. 

Virtual Baby Showers just got easier... our Baby Shower in a Box is the perfect isolation baby shower kit for lockdown baby shower celebrations. 

Virtual baby shower games

Baby Shower Gifts 

With many expectant women feeling apprehensive and anxious around labour and giving birth in hospital, the Yummy Mummy Hospital Box is a great gift to send the mummy to be, to show her that you are thinking of her. It's packed full of the key essentials for her to take to the hospital to make the experience special.

If possible, send some of the key presents to the mum to be ahead of the event so that she has something to open at the virtual celebration. Check out our baby shower gift guide for all budgets, for more inspiration.

Special Touches Lockdown Baby Shower 

Special Touches

Adding special touches to a virtual baby shower can go a long way to make it feel as close to the real thing as possible and make the mum to be feel special. Our top 5 tips cover some quick and easy ways to personalise the baby shower, that are guaranteed to delight the guest of honour. 

    1. Throw a surprise virtual baby shower. Enlist the help of the mum to be's partner and family to hang up the decorations ahead of the call and prepare a spread of her favourite food to make the event feel unique. Rest assured, our Baby Shower in a Box can be sent in plain packaging (upon request) so it doesn't ruin the surprise. If you decide to invite guests via a Facebook group, just remember to make it private so the secret doesn't get out.
    2. Everyone loves baby photo's and what better way to add a special touch to the celebration, than by incorporating them into your virtual baby shower. Collate digital baby photos of all the guests and play 'Guess the Baby Photo' on the call, for a fun game that everyone will enjoy. Just make sure to choose a platform which will allow you to share your screen, so that all guests can see the photos.
    3. Send the mum to be some personalised biscuits or chocolates for an added personal touch. If you love baking, you can always whip up some sweet treats and decorate them with icing to delight the mum to be. 
    4. Instead of a traditional guest book, ask guests to send a special message (advice, words of encouragement, personal memories) for the mum to be.  The messages can be written down onto colourful paper scrolls and placed into a decorated mason or jam jar to create a thoughtful present that the mum to be will treasure forever during this unsettling time. 
    5. Beautiful flowers are a key centrepiece at most baby showers. Send the guest of honour a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers to bring a pop of colour to her home and brighten up her day. For extra brownie points, re-create a similar bouquet to the one she had at her wedding. 
    Baby Shower Special Touches


    Play our FREE baby shower playlist at your virtual celebration to help everyone get into the party mood. With over 50 memorable songs with 'baby' in the title, it can also double as a fantastic game where guests can guess the song and artist. With songs from Britney to Beyonce to Bieber,  it will provide hours of entertainment. 

    Baby Shower free music playlist

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